• How would the perfect group healthcare solution be configured?
  • What would the needed insurance coverage and contract look like?
  • How would you control healthcare cost and save money?
  • What would it take to be very well received by all plan participants?
  • Is it possible to lower cost, manage risk and have a financially safe solution?
  • FULLY INSURED PLANS have become obsolete…RE: Obamacare/ACA/PPACA


Are Consumer Directed Health Plans or Value-Based Insurance Designs the answer? No, not by themselves and through the current healthcare delivery methods.

There is only one way for every employer to control the cost of healthcare increase-reduce the frequency, size and amount of claims. Even if you achieve claim reductions, you will not financially benefit through your current insurance relationships. What are you doing to control the frequency, size and amount of claims?


In order for an employer to benefit financially, new insurance contracts have to be crafted. Contracts that first remove insurance company and shareholder profits; reduce insurance plan tax liabilities; deliver plan design flexibility between the employer and insurance contract and then benefit design flexibility between employer and all of the covered members. Benefit satisfaction is critical if you want to retain and attract talent.


In order to reduce the frequency, size and amount of claims, strategies and tactics have to be developed that will first engage with enthusiasm all covered members; motivate all members to improve their lives and state of health by improving medical literacy. These strategies must be fully administrated, managed and delivered through technology. All healthcare data sources must be connected, accurate and updated daily. All data must be actionable, driven by the technology with health rules, automated messaging triggers and live credentialed people to communicate directly and timely with each member of concern.


The new solution will be comprised of fixed cost; administration, network, service and insurance cost and then a variable cost that is used to pay claims. These costs will be identified, fully funded by the employer at the guaranteed highest plan year cost and deliver 100% refunds of unspent variable cost funding at the end of the contract.

The solution cannot contain unknown financial and clinical liability for the employer or covered members, regardless of circumstances or decisions to terminate the relationship for any reason.


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